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Vom schlechten Lesen und wie die Neurowissenschaft dieses verabschiedet

Posted in LIBREAS.Referate by Ben on 17. Januar 2009

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Stein, John (2009): Our reading’s bad – but not that bad. In: Standpoint. Issue 8 (January 2009) S. 54

von Ben Kaden

Zum Einstieg der Ausstieg. John Stein, emeritierter Professor für Neurowissenschaften an der University Oxford, schließt seinen Ausflug in die Lesetheorie mit folgender Passage:

However, if the finer points of spelling and the complicated rules of where to put an apostrophe are really instruments of social control and establishing status, one has to ask whether these skills are really going to be necessary in the 21st century. Now that computers can become an extension of one’s cognition in the same way as a violinist’s bow becomes an extension of his hand, PCs could perhaps do the dogsbody work of reading and re-enfranchise our poor readers, allowing their brains to do the things they’re much better at. Perhaps we should abandon social control by the tyranny of the complicated rules of grammar and illogical spelling and recognise that tomorrow’s children may not need to learn to read at all.